Not an ordinary bump in the digital landscape.

What we do

Google Ads

Google Ads is a perfect solution for new businesses trying to gain traction and they're equally important for established brands.

When people are searching for your product or service – we make sure that you are heard and seen.

Social Ads

Our Social Ads service uses Instagram and Facebook to maximize your brand's reach and attract new customers with captivating visuals and messages.

We don't do that in blind. Our smart ad setup across social media platforms ensures that your budget will result in a great return!


Understanding your marketing data can be difficult, but it shouldn't be.

Our Analytics report gives you a condensed look at all the marketing activities that were performed for your company in one simple and good-looking document.


Our Creative service covers compelling social media communications on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

We walk the extra mile to get to know you and your company, so your social media communication is always on point and in style with your business.


We assemble our best minds at Strategy sessions to design a well-thought-through marketing plan for your company so that your marketing ad spend would be used in the most efficient way.

The outcome? A clear month-by-month guide with all the marketing activities targeted at getting the results your company has deserved.


With our Prospecting service, we journey to your business's core, finding your unique strengths and hidden strengths that are just waiting to be unleashed.

We brainstorm and design a visual and verbal path in which we are certain that your company will stand out of the competition.

About Us

We're a team of seasoned digital marketers dedicated to boosting your goals. Whether it is sales, orders, leads or audience reach – we know what it takes to get those results.

Data and knowledge drive our work. Our communication with customers is straightforward. Our results are top-tier.

Reach out for a free consultation. Get to know us and let's have a talk about the needs and possibilities of digital marketing for your business.

Povilas Gimžauskas

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Keep it real!

It's not just a catchy slogan for us. It's a true commitment to authenticity, transparency, and genuine value in all that our team does.

To ourselves and to our customers.